NVDRS is a design studio born out of the idea of its three founders: Francesco SchiraldiStefano PertegatoEloisa Tolu.

After taking up different careers individually, they chose to put a professional stamp on a passion borne during their studies at Politecnico di Milano, where they met years before, strengthening thus their team spirit.

Every studio member worked with top or emerging international designers and companies, such as: Michael YoungKristiina Lassus, Leo BurnettToan NguyenDanese MilanoLanzavecchia + Wai. These precious experiences allowed them to absorb several know-how. Everyone inside the team has different skills and personalities, and the exchange between them is necessary for every design process. The different backgrounds, even the distinct vision of what design itself is, lead to brainstorming or sometimes to have productive arguments that are absolutely essential for ideating their products.


The studio is managed as a design collective, open and willing to collaborate with external consultants. Please visit our contact page if you want to know more.